Friday, October 17, 2008

Mikrotik RouterOS 3.15 release

The release of ROS 3.15 yesterday fixed quite a few bugs, that affected us.

IPv6 and IPv4 address families can now co-exist on the same BGP session (routing-test). That means, if our testing goes well, we'll be announcing IPv6 routes on INEX Vlan#2, too, very soon.

BIOS 2.18 fixes the issue, where 2.17 was killing ether3 on RB600 and ether2 and 3 on RB500 series.

The issue, that one couldn't disable dns resolving on traceroutes was really annoying for diagnostics as well.

They however broke adding static IPv4 routes via WinBox instead :( and my own RB600 router went into a non-recoverable state during upgrade. Something I haven't seen in a very long time. Netinstall and reload of backup fixed that though.

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