Thursday, March 26, 2009

INEX Meeting, GBLX, various.

The INEX meeting in Dublin was on. I gave a talk on IPv6 deployment. The video for that can be found here.

It also looks like in the likes of the issues with GBLX, we're probably going to kill that session and get IPv6 from KPN instead. Global Crossing engineers have no understanding for, that rate-limiting ICMP in IPv6 simply is a no no. Even though they are saying, that they only are limiting the ICMPv6 traffic targeted for their router. It clearly affects us badly. How bad ? Check this out:

The gap that looks ok from the 23rd to the 24th is, when they shut the filter down after much arguing. However on the 24th, after we confirmed it is the filter, that is causing the issue, they just bloody turned it on again. Disregarding that the service is useless to us that way.

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