Sunday, March 29, 2009

Change of core network to measure IPv6 traffic universally

I wanted to know, how much IPv6 traffic we're actually passing to our gateways, to the INEX, between the 6to4 and miredo gateway etc.

This was something I wanted to do especially, after I found out, that our approx 16-20 mbit/s traffic on the 6to4 gateway actually mainly is traffic between teredo and 6to4 hosts and doesn't end up anywhere, that is native IPv6.

Now, somebody might now come around and tell us to use netflow for that, but that doesn't work everywhere, I'm afraid.

So I came up with a better strategy. Any of our routers in the core network is Vlan capable. So I've stuck the IPv6 traffic in the core in a seperate Vlan from the IPv4, instead of running dual-stack. That way I can just monitor the individual interfaces.

That works pretty much on anything, as long as it's SNMP capable, and gives quite a good overview already. We'll see over the next days and weeks, how that tunes out.

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