Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out for GBLX

I've finally had it with Global Crossing. At least 4 issues in the last 6 months, first the incompetence to rate-limit ND/NS ICMPv6 traffic and I had to stick their nose at it, then several times with lost routing, where the routes weren't dropped.

Tonight again, routing lost, BGP routes are still there, but I had to clear the session manually get all back to normal.

All of that I might be able to live with, if the support was decent, but they are a complete nightmare. Also on April 27th the latency on both our IPv4 and IPv6 circuits went to pot. A consistant increase by 40-60 ms is not something i call Tier1 carrier grade Internet.

We've already advised our Layer2 provider to kill the session with GBLX and we're going to replace it with KPN instead. Hopefully that'll prove to be a lot better.

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