Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've been in Galway to collect the van from the garage, that we bought in Northern Ireland 3 weeks ago. This van should ease some of our work with the basestations and surveys of new areas drastically. The hoist has a max. height of 14.5m and 8.5m reach.

The picture is taken in the days just after we bought it, when we tested, that all gear was in working order. The van was purchased on auction up there and is a ex-Road Service vehicle. The alternator was damaged and the van needed service, as it's been sitting on the lot for a while.

All that is left now, is to get the import to the Republic done and VAT in the north claimed back.

The van for our new installer is also back on the road, so we've got a fleet of 4 vehicles now.

14 installations have been done this week and I reckon, we'll increase the numbers in the next days, when we let Christy, our new installer loose on his own.

Bo, our new supporter, has been taking calls most of the week, but there's still a lot to learn, both in regards to geography, the structure of the network and the router software, we use.

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